Who we are?

Headquartered in one of the most emblematic cities of Minho - Barcelos, Portugal -, BeClassy was born in January 2015.

Founded by Andreia Sá, BeClassy started as a hobby of a young psychology student and quickly became one of her jobs and one of her great loves.

It emerged as a need to find modern accessories at affordable prices, since then dedicating itself to the online sale of women's fashion accessories, always taking into account the needs and trends of the market and the world of fashion.

Our mission is to present our customers with modern, sophisticated and high quality accessories at the most competitive prices on the market.

We seek to maintain the commitment to provide all women with the key accessories to enhance and complement feminine beauty and elegance.

We want each of you to have the accessories that match your personality just a click away and thus contribute to promoting your self-esteem and self-confidence, making you confident and empowered women.

We believe that the secret of success is to do our work based on the values ​​of transparency , commitment and love, treating each client as unique and special .

This site thus appears as an extension of what our work has been over the years in social networks. Above all, we intend to facilitate the purchase process of our Classy Girls', betting on a faster and more efficient service, so that everyone can have access to elegant accessories in the comfort of their home.